Skills and Drills for Younger Players DVD - Set 3 Coaching Pointers

Basketball Skills and Drills for Younger Players DVD – Vol 3 Coaching Pointers
NABC’s Basketball Skills & Drills for Younger Players: Vol. 3—Coaching Pointers presents an exceptional resource for youth basketball coaches who want to be better prepared to deal with the diverse array of possible challenges that they might fact on and off the court. Featuring two of the most sought after coaches and instructors in basketball (NAIA Champions of Character special presenter Bruce Brown and Jerry Krause of Gonzaga) and four separate video programs—Teaching Tips for Coaching; The Role of Parents in Athletics; Motivating Your Athletes; and Practicing to Play the Game, this 2-disc DVD set addresses several of the key issues confronting youth basketball coaches. Produced in cooperation with the National Association of Basketball Coaches.

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